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Derby Shoes are known to be one of the Oldest form of Shoes and are generally considered to be a Synonom for formal shoes. But StyleCentrum has created a new trend in this phase and the final outcome is the Durban Derby Range of Shoes. High Quality of Suede Leather accompained with vibrant colors makes it a must buy for all the youth and high end professionals who desire to leave their mark of Style.

Upper Material : Genuine Suede Leather

Lining Material : White Leather

Sole Material : Thermoplastic Rubber - TPR OutSole

Color : Purple

Style : Casual Derby Lace Up

Shoe Care : Durban Derby are made of the finest suede leather with a very soft raised surface. These shoes are tested to ensure quality on upper, insock, sole and for color fastness – offering lasting comfort and durability. Suede can spoil more easily than leather so needs a special level of care. To remove dust or dirt, use a light brush taking care to brush always in the same direction.

Keep away from water and do not dip as water may leave marks and dry a different color. When you are not wearing your shoe, wrap them in tissue paper and put in a shoe box heel to toe. Do not keep them in plastic bags or airtight boxes and avoid humidity, which can make them mouldy. Avoid bright light which can discolor suede. Keep them in a dark dry place.


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